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Believe Me

September 21, 2009
By YoursTrulyTessa SILVER, Jacksonville, Florida
YoursTrulyTessa SILVER, Jacksonville, Florida
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His hands are soft
His smile is crooked
Cliche and stupid and heroic
He's the hero of her story
And I'm always in the corner
Five years and twenty five hundred sunsets
And she'll still be drinking from her red cup on somebody's sofa
Trying to ignore the knife in her chest
It's beyond running away
Beyond wanting to grab your hand and steal the car
All I want to do
All I really, really want to do
When you take away all the muscle
And all the blood
And all the words
And the clothes and smiles
All i want to do is write your name on the side of the water tower
On my walls
On my car
On my skin
On my heart
On my throat
Inside my lungs
In the sky
For it to never be erased
And I'd have your name written in my eyes, all over me, all over my life
And you'd know
And all the flowers would sing
Because the lies had stopped
I'm always there when you need me
And you were never there for me
I need to climb to that top of that pine
Live with the squirrels and the birds
Where clorophyll stains my fingers and the sun is my alarm clock
And I don't know where you are, what you're saying
Because I can't hear your voice anymore
Your voice in my ear
Saying everything's going to be okay
But you use my mouth to say it
So I don't believe you anyway

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Lunalovesyew said...
on Nov. 8 2011 at 4:41 pm
Oh my goodness, this was wonderful! I found myself making up a tune to it. it was so pwerful how you listed all those things like "on my car" and "On my heart. Really touched me, thanks for sharing your talent! XD

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