Baby, Please...

September 21, 2009
Every rock you've ever thrown,
At the windows of my heart,
Give way to the integrity,
Which is me...

Every lie you've ever told,
Like an arrow sleek and sharp,
Tear a hole, a deep gash,
Into my very soul...

Every truth instead of faith,
Has led you to this day,
When the skies will darken faster,
The light, growing dimmer...

You could have been here,
When I needed you most,
But you just wanted me,
So you'd have a place to stay...

Control yourself now,
Baby listen to me,
For a new light will come,
And burn it all away...

And you, my dear,
Will be left without shade,
Or water to cool,
Your fevered skin...

I want to reach out to you,
To hold you once like before,
When life seemed too hard to bear,
And people seemed like strangers...

But truth be told, I can't,
Because you push me away,
And claim you can fend for yourself,
When it's obvious you need help...

Please don't vanish,
Like a star that lay dying,
Leaving me in this world,
Alone with all these humans...

Who will never understand...

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