To the phoenix.

September 21, 2009
By -AlmostJuliett- BRONZE, Brookhaven, Mississippi
-AlmostJuliett- BRONZE, Brookhaven, Mississippi
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To the phoenix.
Dear fire, don't you see?
I've watched you spread your phoenix wings and fly
Leaving me to catch the ashes in my ocean eyes
When you burn up just short of the atmosphere
Starting new always means, you starting with me

Dear fire, I could never be that girl
That butterfly you claimed I was
I am all things water; contridictions of myself
even if I stepped into the sunlight and blinded me
From everything, but you, I could never be the girl you'd choose

Dear fire, were you ever really there? In my memories?
I can feel my fingers tracing patterns in your neck
Then drifting them into your golden flurries of hair
I see the distance in the outter edges of your moonlit eyes
I knew you better then than I've ever know myself

Dear fire, I have one more question. It's simple.
In the middle on no where, in this sleepy little town,
On a warm october night, at our favorite spot,
A not so subtle kiss between your lips and mine
I remember how I fell in love, do you?

Now and forever. I love you,


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