Hate the Ones Closest to You

September 21, 2009
All you’ve done is built them up - the ones you’ve convinced yourself you knew, even understood -
The ones you think you love, the ones you think you hate.
Yet by the time you see them again - whether it’s been a day, a year or ten years
Since you’ve seen them - the memories of happiness with them fail.
All you want is to make them go away, make yourself disappear.
And the ones you know you haven’t seen and will never see again -

You’ll never be able to break your adoration of them.
You’ll never be able to remember how much hurt they truly cause in their absence because
You only bother to remember the good times, the things you liked about them.
But you can’t escape the unpleasant parts of those you still see.
Because you can’t see past their unattractiveness, you start to
Forget why you ever wanted them around in the first place.

But they are bad habits you can’t break. You can’t escape them because you know nothing else -
You only remember those happy times which you know you’ll never have again
Because you’ll never see that one person, the one who really mattered, again.
But if you know you can’t have that full happiness again in the future,
And if you do manage to get away from those who drag you down everyday
By forcing you to remember happiness in order to ignore their disgustingly incessant voices,

What will you do? Is there anything you can do?
What would life be like?
Is there anything apart from incessant human voices and memories that only
Inflict pain but you yourself paint with sunny colours and happy laughter and other invented
Embellishments in order to forget how it hurts to remember?
How can there be anything else when that’s the only kind of life you know?

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ninian said...
Oct. 2, 2009 at 4:04 pm
OMG!!!! put the other ones up. PLEASE
sweetNINgirl replied...
Oct. 2, 2009 at 7:06 pm
I guess that means you like it?
I'll add the others as soon as possible.
thanx for the comment! :)
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