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September 20, 2009
By Luneblanc SILVER, Phoenix, Arizona
Luneblanc SILVER, Phoenix, Arizona
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Favorite Quote:
'What is to give light must endure the burning.' - Viktor Frankl

I am from Light.
Ideas, hope, expectations of my birth.
Intelligence, maturity, confidence…just a few of my charades.

I am from Seraphs.
My mother’s little angel,
The one thing gone right.
At least at first.

I am from Night.
Slowly my eyes and my hair darken
As the horrors of the world are thrust upon me.
As I lose semblance of innocence and purity,
I turn my face to the Moon.

I am from Cinnamon.
The warmth of family and hot chocolate,
The value of quality time and joie de vivre,
Now fallen to pieces.

I am from Sea.
Only small ripples and waves play on the surface,
While underneath, currents fight to tear me apart.
The sunlight fading, the deeper it descends into the gloom.

I am from War.
The clashing swords and battle cries of a pair
Once ensnared in the curse of love and marriage.
The peacekeeper of two bent on battle.

I am from Love.
For despite all my failures and shortcomings,
All the miseries of my short life,
When I look to the loved ones around me
I know that I am never truly alone.

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