By the end, Ever end, To the end, tonight

September 20, 2009
By tompryz GOLD, Brick, New Jersey
tompryz GOLD, Brick, New Jersey
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We’ve been walking, just walking, to the monument light.
turning toward naught, and the shadowy bend,
man upon man, a friend for a friend,
Be the end? Ever end? To the end? tonight?
Out of hatred, of malice, of ire or spite?
Maybe the man before can contend,
perhaps, perhaps, can he not comprehend?
Ask him again, will he answer? he might.
He will answer if wrong, if wrong or if right.
Still, we have some things to attend,
The everlasting spoils to which we descend,
a lifeless demeanor and personal plight,
all for the price of feeling contrite,
crossed by the sins that which we amend,
carried by all with the vice we intend,
all for the price of searching delight.
And we all stand trial, the black and the white,
for the purity of souls we attempt to defend,
a plea for the lives we foolishly spend,
defeating the peace in a meaningless fight.
But we can take solace, as we walk to this site,
apologies to God for what we can’t mend,
do not ask for forgiveness or a hand he can lend,
for it is all going downward, it is ending tonight.

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