Ode to Shamrock

September 20, 2009
By tompryz GOLD, Brick, New Jersey
tompryz GOLD, Brick, New Jersey
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Bounty, bounty, bounty.
Call me providence.
I am Ireland
adorned with emerald.
Where rivers find the sea,
and sky finds the earth,
I am by and by.
I turn the cliffs
and ride the torrents of jade.
In the auspicious loom of clouds,
I stay.
I am green. I am pallid and orange,
With a bit of gold and a blue sky.
I am an Irish heart
and the shoals of an Irish bay.
Call me hope.
Call me the cross of Celtic faith.
I am a guild.
I am the aspirations of potent will.
Always by your pocket.
Always in the spirits of Irish love.
I am Ireland.
I am shamrock.

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