Open Doors

September 19, 2009
Open doors allow thoughts and dreams to walk in,
Children’s minds play with the world looking up to a vast sky,
Stars within reach of innocent fingers,
Dark shades only a thing of mystery and magic,
Unaware of the lies the world is destined to tell,
Love, a thing just as innocent as they, played like movies in their minds,
Assuming their future selves they would take on these roles,
Playing with ideas of romance that would lift them to the sun,
Passion and love made the same as fairies and magic consumed their days,
Minds would spin as white lilac dresses imitated these dreams,
Together, sisters of imagination, fearless with their futures,

Side by side but miles apart time changed all,
They were drawn out like the world they must join,
Clay girls forced into the boxes life’s messes left them,
Lines filled their faces, new thoughts filled the spaces where was left behind,
The idea of love too changed, its image a speck of far off light,
Doors had closed, ideas molded by the loneliness of reality,
Life’s lessons morphed them in to everyone that had ever lived,

Love still comes to one, opening her eyes like the warmth in spring,
Dazzling new dreams light up her view,
Lilacs and spring and all of the stars trumpet through her veins,
Love, passion and romance filtered through the hurt the world had left her,
New unseen doors were opening, as the stars once again seemed in reach,

The sun always comes up and reveals what blinders hide away,
Love cannot always hold and so cracks when it is still needed,
Sadness kissed her face and she breathed in sorrow that scratched her throat,
Cold filled the spaces where the light once might have been,
The memories she had cherished became shards of glass at her feet,
Always cutting, she was still unable to let them go,
The weather always changes so like the color of the grass the hurt slowly faded,
Still the memories of the stinging and the biting could still reignite lost tears,
Yet new memories were formed and new joys formed where lost ones had gone,
New strength found under layers of loss,
She grew back into herself perhaps better then she had once been,

For the other, a girl different from the first, with the same great expectations,
Unbroken dreams remained clutched at her chest,
The cruelty of the world arrived in different forms,
Different experiences marked her as herself, yet ideas of love remained innocently,
Love too came to her once when no one though it would be so,
The excitement coated her emotions covering her mind and heart,
It was what she had always thought along with her friend,
It was the movies that played when they used to imagine such futures,

Blinders too covered her eyes, wanting so much to see that beautiful image,
They changed and it changed, she didn’t know that it was alright,
She wasn’t sure anymore of how it made her feel,
There was no more comfort now for her,
It was no longer innocents and lilacs,
Her eyes too wept over the love that had hardly began,

The two girls alone under the same sky held together by sadness,
Their forms were covered in dresses blackened by the world,
Never wanting such hurt for the other, never believing magic could come to such an end,
Lonesome agony was slathered by time like it always is,
The trees as did they continued to grow and find new roots,
Foolish childhood dreams scattered into the winds that reddened their cheeks,
The world’s lies hardened their spirits yet it’s joys allowed walls to still fall,
Broken but reformed two lives must continue as does all,
Spring, lilacs, and love is still there which time makes recognizable,
The stars so far up in the sky they are barley visible,
So low on the ground innocent emotions are able to heal,
Slowly doors open, allowing dreams to again be found.

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