September 19, 2009
The night follows down the day
all the light is gone for now
the stars have yet to shine
my visions been taken by the black of night

I know he’s there holding me tightly
blockading the midnight breeze
he pulls me closer stealing my air
I feel his warm breath down my neck
the words flow smoothly from his lips,
“I love you,” a whisper into the wind

“FOREVER.” Our lips press together
my head is sent into a familiar whirl
as we lay atop the lonely hill
I rest my spinning head upon his chest
listening to the rhythmic thud-thud…thud-thud
of MY love-struck lullaby

I look to the sky one last time
the stars appear in bunches and clusters
as if our love is burning bright
the moon comes into view

I shiver once he cuddles me closer
I put my weary eyes to rest
MY love-struck lullaby
now I am drifting softly away
sleeping like an infant
his hand sweeps through my hair
as we lay atop the lonely hill
under the starlit sky

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