Love and Pain

September 19, 2009
By Amenta BRONZE, Portland, Oregon
Amenta BRONZE, Portland, Oregon
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Pain. You’ve heard that word many times before.
You feel it when you are down.
You feel it when you fall.
You feel it when you believe everything has come to a close.
Pain is one of the feelings that make us all human.
Gives us emotion
Lets us live.
Pain can feel horrible as if
The world was just…
Pain can change the ways people look at everything
Pain eats away at people.
Pain makes us human, is our weakness.
It doesn’t have to be on your skin, a cut crying crimson tears.
It doesn’t have to be in your bones, the bruises swelling by the second.
Where pain resides, is in the heart.
It eats away.
Taking away feeling
It turns the heart black.
It changes how people can act.
Most people cry. I cry.
I feel pain frequently, be it from a friend, or be it from nature.
Pain won’t kill you, as what doesn’t kill you just makes you stronger.
Resist pain, and you’ll feel better in the end.
Resist it and you’ll make it through another day.
Let it eat you and there won’t be any “you” left.
It’ll turn your heart black
You won’t want to act!
You’ll lose sense of freedom
You’ll lose the drive that pushes you through every day.
You’ll lose the hope you have every day when the sun comes up, that day will be a better day.
You’ll lose the hope that one day, just one day, your life will improve.
You’ll lose everything that you hold dear.
And pain can take all that away.
Pain doesn’t hinder
Pain doesn’t regret
It preys on the weak
Lives in your bones
It doesn’t have to be now
Or tomorrow
But eventually
Everyone feels pain.
I know that I have. But when you get through your hard times you become stronger.
You know when to quit
You know when to stop
You know when to let pain stop controlling you and you know
That’s when you win.
That’s when you finally see how to break through the barrier and live a life worth living.

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