Best Day

September 19, 2009
You got a great smile,
Too bad you waste it when you tear me apart,
Maybe you forgot,
But i was stupid enough to give you my heart.

I remember when you held me,
I thought that was the best day,
But now i know i was wrong,
Because today you were so surprised that you had nothing to say.

Today was a relief,
Today you said hello to goodbye,
Today i let of the mess that was you,
All your "love" all your lies.

It was like trying to read a sign,
From 1000 miles away,
I knew i didnt have a chance,
So im letting so today.

It was supposed to hurt,
I was supposed to cry,
You were supposed to be honest,
You just told lies.

Im glad you showed me who you really are,
Cause now i dont have to waste my breath on you,
Im glad im gone,
And theres nothing you can do.

Dont want to go back,
Not even to the good parts,
Not to the wasted tears,
Not to the non broken heart.

Hope you get over yourself,
Cause your not all that,
Hope when the next ball comes at you,
Your actually ready to bat.

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