September 19, 2009
By NessieMarie GOLD, Minonk, Illinois
NessieMarie GOLD, Minonk, Illinois
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Before i sleep and after i wake up,
Everything in between,
Your running through my head,
Your in all my dreams.

And ill ignore everyone else,
Because i only want you,
I cant get your smile out of my head,
To change that theres nothing i would do.

I know youll be there,
No matter where we are,
I want to run away with you,
Really really far.

I love you,
With everything i am,
I just want to be with you,
I want to always hold your hand.

When i think about the future,
I think about us,
Because i know for the first time in my life its real,
Love not lust.

Nothing can change what you mean to me,
Nothing can come between me and you,
I dont know who i am,
But when im with you i do.

Ive always been yours,
Youve always had me,
Even when we'd fight,
I knew, i could see.

People try to break us,
They want to tear us apart,
But i know why we should be together,
Because i love you with all my heart.

I dont want gifts,
I just want you,
You and me forever,
Because ill never be over you.

Your not a part of my life,
Your the whole thing,
With you im a someone,
But without you im a nothing.

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