One Mile

September 19, 2009
Im scared to tell you,
Because i actually do care,
But too many things are stuck between us,
And this life just isnt fair.

Im trying not to be weak,
But i keep breaking,
I want to be with you,
But im living a life im faking.

Nothing is right,
Everything is falling apart,
Half of me wants to take a break,
But i know that would break my heart.

I want the world to stop,
I want to run away,
I want to tell you everything,
But what do i say?

Who am i now?
Who should i be?
I want you to be happy more than anything,
But what about me?

Theres something missing,
A big part of me,
But you mean everything,
Am i the only one that can see?

Where do i go now?
Who do i turn to?
I love you so much,
But what should i do?

Nothing feels the same,
I get the feeling we're fading,
I wish i could put my doubts aside,
But im stranded here, just waiting.

No one to turn to,
No one seems to be around,
Theres nothing i can do.

Im screaming and shouting,
No one can hear my voice,
Im throwing myself away,
Because i have no choice.

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