September 19, 2009
By NessieMarie GOLD, Minonk, Illinois
NessieMarie GOLD, Minonk, Illinois
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Dont act like you know me,
Dont act like you care,
Because you dont know what ive been through,
But i know life's anything but fair.

So who are you to judge?
You dont even know pain,
You always throw away love,
Because to you its just a game.

You say your hurt,
But you have no clue,
You complain and say your lost,
You have nothing else to do.

You act like you know,
But i know its just a lie,
I know you want someone,
To always be by your side.

But life doesnt stop for anyone,
No matter what youve felt,
No matter what ive faced in life,
Ive always dealt.

So what makes you different?
Why should it just be easy and done?
Life is full of decisions,
And you keep making the wrong one.

I know it hurts,
But time wont erase,
But things get tough,
And you wont always have a smile on your face.

For a broken love that wasnt even mine,
I wasted my tears,
I wasted all this time,
I wasted 2 years.

So why would you do the same?
Why not just be done?
Why live a life so "miserable",
A life "without sun"?

My life isnt a fairytale,
You couldnt walk a mile in my shoes,
So dont think you could get like me,
Because i always loose.

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