When your heart breaks

September 19, 2009
By Jacky PLATINUM, Redmond, Oregon
Jacky PLATINUM, Redmond, Oregon
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And at that moment
My heart tore in half
Ripping apart
Tissues separate
Blood vessels pop
Nails of hurt dig in
Deeper, deeper
Pulling, stretching
Till muscles tear
Braking into
Bloody pieces
And falling apart
Nothing to hold it together
Dripping in red
It melts through the core
Burning like acid
And crushing to dust
From the inside out
Empty, empty inside
So broken
So un-whole
That day
My heart was put to rest
Buried below tears
In hollow ground
My hollow chest
The funeral to follow
I used to say
Hearts don’t break
Till the second
Mine shattered
Its memories
Used to being kept safe
Float, float away
And this is what it feels like
When your heart breaks
No medicine to numb the pain
No drugs to put you to sleep
Just the stabbing silence
Of a heart that died

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