September 19, 2009
Perfection. Bliss. Silent Lovers.
That endless nonexistent moment
Had such and impact on my head,
Such an impact on my heart,
Such an impact on my sight.
You tore it down.
I shut it down.
We turned off.
We turned you and me.
We turned you hate me.
We turned you want more.
I'm not good enough?
I'm no good?
The promise of forever is no good?
Our plans together are no longer good?
How could you look at me
In the eyes and tell me
That I'm not good enough,
And expect me to stay,
And not walk away.
No sir, no sir.
Those are fighting words.
I'm not leaving without a fight.
You ain't leaving without a fight,
Without an explanation.
We aren't breaking without and fight.
We aren't crashing without a fight,
Without and explanation.
I'm going to jump without my chute,
I'm going to fall without my chute,
I'm jumping, I'm falling without a chute,
But what's the point, the point is moot,
Because you have a chute.
What was I thinking at age 15?
Love doesn't happen at age 15.
Nothing can happen at age 15.
But it did,
Oh it did,
We jumped, we fell, we took the chance, without a parachute,
We had no nets
And what comes next?
The crash,
The falling out,
The self-doubt,
The emptiness,
The silence,
The bliss.
That perfect nonexistent moment.
Silent unlovers.

Always, I'll be falling without a parachute.

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