September 19, 2009
By Alexa. SILVER, Stockport, Other
Alexa. SILVER, Stockport, Other
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Favorite Quote:
Henry David Thoreau:

"Envy Is Ignorance."
"Imitation Is Suicide."

Smile, like it means something
Let it shine from your heart
Times will never be so hard that
You can't smile.

You know that it's a gift,
To open wide your lips
And smile.

Don't worry about the future.
Forget about the past.
Live only for today
And just smile.

I want to see your eyes shine;
I want to see your face glow;
I want to hear the laughter deep within your soul.
I want you to forget about the pain
And go dancing in the rain
But most of all, you know,
I want to see you smile.

The author's comments:
God, I'm having like the opposite of writer's block these past few days. Fourth post in six days?!? :)

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