Face To Face

September 19, 2009
Back in 1863,
When they had no respect for me
Decided I’d go to war
See how much I was worth for.
Training harder than the white mans job
Learning to walk run fire and trod.
Being obedient to all the calls
Whipped heavily when there were falls
Brought to the field in 65
Waiting for the folks to arrive.
With cannons and swords they came
We, ready to fight without shame.
Horses saddled swords at hand
Every one at risk including our land
The gun shot went and we attacked
We got our swords and hacked and hacked
Blood of fountain traveling fast
Hoping to be free at last
Before we knew it their captain was down
Our opponents ran with a furious frown
Cheering with joy we had won
But I knew war had just begun
Running all the way to our camp
Even though we were bloody damp
Cries of happiness fell in our ears
For we were getting rid of our fears
Packing for our homes we were filled with joy
Walking the many roads home made us coy
Until we saw a black child’s face
Waving and doing his shoe lace
At this point in my life I knew
That everything id been through
Was worth far more then riches mean
Oh, if only the white folks could have seen
That child with a happy face
Waving and doing his shoe lace
Back in 1863,
When they had no respect for me.

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