September 18, 2009
Pages, Pages, Pages everywhere!
Books, Books, Books flying!
What happened, books can’t fly!
I’m up to my neck in cold water
Save the books, save the books

Black, Black, Black
I’m alone in darkness
Are the books saved?
Will I be saved?
All I see is darkness now

I see red and yellow. Is that fire! Is that gasoline!
Help! Help! Help!
I’m in the water!
Don’t burn the books!
I hear yelling and splashing
I see hands, hands reaching out to me
Hands that won’t save the books

I reach for the hands
I smell smoke and see a raging fire
Let me save the books
What monsters would do this!
I go towards the fire in a daze to save the books
Strong hands stop me and I struggle

I am outside
I see an angry orange fire ablaze
Tears streaking my face
All of them lost
Why, Why, Why!
All those books, all those books…
Lost, Lost, Lost

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iKilledBilllyBob said...
May 21, 2010 at 4:52 pm

you sound so much like liesel from the book theif.


i love youe ;D

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