Silence Speaks

September 18, 2009
Two people sit on a hill,
Watching clouds drift by.

Laughing and finding shapes in the sky.
The boy picks a flower,

And puts it in the girl's hair.
She smiles and gives him a hug.
He taps a finger on her nose,
And runs as she chases him.
Laughing and giggling like children,
The two start a game of tag.
The boy tries to tickle her,
And she tries to dodge him.
He traps her in his arms,
And they fall over in a fit of laughter.

Hours go by,
As they lie on their backs in the grass.
He grabs her hand.
She tilts her head towards him,
And they smile.
He pulls her a little closer,
And she lays her head on his chest,
Just listening to his heartbeat,
And the steadiness of every breath.
He strokes her hair,
And they stand up,
As they walk back hand in hand.

Time for words and laughter had ended,
And the peaceful silence had spoken for them.
Laughter carries you far,
But sometimes silence speaks,
And says,
What you cannot say yourself.

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dramalover121 said...
Sept. 28, 2009 at 7:16 pm
the first 4 lines got seperated from each other and the rest of the first stanza....there is only 3 stanzas
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