september secrets

September 18, 2009
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Secret number one... I'm still in love with you.

Secret number two... But I think I'm possibly getting over you.

Secret number three... For some reason, now your not all i ever see.

Secret number four... your not the person i feen for anymore.

Secret number five... I no longer need you to survive.

Secret number six... This will never make any sense.

Secret number seven... it'll never be easy to forget this.

Secret number eight... I don't understand all these new feelings cuz i know its you ill never hate.

Secret number hurts to know I'm moving on and sooner or later ill be fine with it.

secret number ten... Every night i pray that it would all just play out all over again.

Secret number eleven... i don't regret many of the secrets Ive so far written.

Secret number twelve... for all the secrets i still have kept that aren't written and he doesn't know, i might go to hell.

Secret number thirteen... He doesn't know I deserved every single time he hurt me.

SECRET NUMBER FOURTEEN... this whole thing was never an accident i gave him more and more of me.

Secret number fifteen... I hope to never let go of him.

Secret number sixteen... everybody already knows secret number fifteen.

Secret number seventeen... this will probably never end if he lets me.

Secret number eighteen... I wonder every night if inside he truly hates me.

Secret number nineteen... to say goodbye to him, for me it can never be.

Secret number twenty... sometimes i look as what we've done, then look at her, jealousy is ugly but i find it funny.

Secret number twenty one... he might not understand secret number twenty, but i never for one second thought it wasn't funny.

Secret number twenty two... i used to think he couldn't decide weather he loves her or it was me.

Secret number twenty three... I always wanted her to hear me say, "if he loves you like he says he does why does it always lead back to me".

Secret number twenty four... no mater what goes down i don't think ill ever be able to tell him to his face i cant do this anymore.

SECRET NUMBER TWENTY FIVE...Secrets number 2,3,4,5,9,12, and 16 were truthfully a lie.

Secret number twenty six...the truth about moving on is i actually am scared of it.

Secret number twenty seven...we will have something hidden between us for a while if i let him.

Secret number twenty eight...i don't wanna stop is but even if i tried its way past too late.

Secret number twenty nine... we crossed the fine line behind everyone's backs one too many times.

Secret number thirty... I convince myself everyday that he really didn't mean to hurt me.

SECRET NUMBER THIRTY ONE... I'm sure one day people will find all these things out, but for now i assure myself its only just begun.

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