the Greatest Story Never Told

September 18, 2009
without a beat, without a soul
he sits at his corner, he wastes away
no warmth for this man, no tears shed
not a sliver of hope today, just sentenced away

beat in the head, wishes he was dead
just waiting for his time, waiting for his turn to come
no sympathy for him, no days of rememberance
just alone by himself, alone without the music

i wonder if he'll ever leave that corner?
the hands of time are moving, tick, tock
the alarm's gonna ring soon, and he'll be waiting
no past, no future, no music

lost in the storm, just a face in the crowd
another passing thought, another dying flower
no time for him today, no patience for this one
not for the nameless one, not for the one without the music

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BrooklynnBlue said...
Oct. 1, 2009 at 12:27 am
This is really good. Love it:)
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