My embarrassing moment!

September 18, 2009
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One Tuesday night, after school had just gotten out, me and my mom decided we were low on food and needed to do a little shopping. Being the first week of school, it was packed!! As i heading into the store, i managed to squeeze into the produce isle. My mom asked me to get some onions for tonight's dinner, so i went and examined all the yellow onions to find the riposted ones. After at least five minutes of picking through hundreds of onions, i found the perfect one. Nice and firm, juicy, and yellow, absolutely no bruises!
I wrapped it into a bag and went through the crowd to find my mom. All of a sudan, the tiny plastic bag ripped into a sent the onion flying across the store! It thumped against the ground, “boom, bam”, then it finally stopped when it hit the wall of Whole Foods. I looked around to see everyone staring at me with the look of laughter in their eyes. My cheeks turned hot red and i sprinted over to my My once perfect onion was now mushy and brown as mud. I just picked it up, and through it in the cart.

we didn’t have onions that night

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