An Insightful Dream

September 18, 2009

An insightful dream

The only time I’d ever seen him living in the moment, not one wrinkle across his forehead, the only time when he wasn’t stressed out about how much money he’ll have to pay for the damages of the car, or the medical bills, and all the worst of the worst. He wasn’t trying to cram anything or everything I might need to know, infact he didn’t say a word. It had finally occurred to the man, It was time to let go.

Our stomachs were flipped upside down and our jaws were clenched so tightly that even if the strongest person(s) in the world tried to pry open your mouth, it just wouldn’t be physically possible. We were dropping, and when we thought we would hit the ground, we just ended up dropping further. Finally we closed our eyes hoping we’d drop right through the ground forever just to be together for the very last time.

It was until we shut our eyes, and I said “I love you dad,” in a calm voice and he sat there silent. He didn’t say a word to me, he held my hand and smiled over at me. The car thrashed onto the ground and whatever happened beyond that, would all be a mystery to me.

I realized those last 10 silent seconds in the air, that him being silent, was the closest thing to feeling loved, and far more powerful than anything i’d ever been told about being loved. I discovered that sometimes silence speaks louder than words. It had been real.

The author's comments:
This is about a dream I had.

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