September 17, 2009
By \\^/RageCage12\\^/ GOLD, La Porte, Indiana
\\^/RageCage12\\^/ GOLD, La Porte, Indiana
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I taste the blood
Its in my teeth and my eyes
Its coming from my heart
I lost a friend when I have so few
I want no sympathy
I want no pity
Or no attention
Just the usual loneliness I’ve felt since you left
Leaving me alone and depressed
Unfortunately I have scars
Scars which never seem to heal
With every memory they cut deeper
Yet they appeal to no sense
Im dying slowly but definitely
Pint by pint my life slowly drips away
In distain and denial I accept your gone
It’s a damn shame that we cant live life like we wanted
We had a dream to be bros and best friends
But it turned out to be exactly that,
Nothing but a dream
And all dreams do is end,
Sadly I wake alone
Today I am awake again
I feel the pain and taste the blood
But its waning
I love you bro
Long live the brotherhood
Family dies but never leaves

The author's comments:
This was inspired by my best friend being killed when he was mugged in South Bend, Indiana.

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