Your way of being

September 16, 2009
By , newark, NJ
I guess this is over, or is it not
I wonder...
the way you act totally different then what you really are
the way you get so jealous over everything,
the way you want all my attention on you;
the way you get mad at me for nothing,
the way you compare me and you
the way you dont like my friends,
the way you walk away from me, expecting me to follow you.
the way you make me feel bad for playing around with you...
the way YOU are,
your complicated way!

the way you say sorry
making me fall back into your arms
telling me i was right, just because you dont want to lose me
allthough i know you think i am not,
the way your face gets when ur mad
making me go up to you, and kiss you...
without talking things over were okay.
are your kisses that powerfull or am i that stupid?

you are so funny
you crack me up,
you are so sweet,
i melt,
so delicate,
so talktative....
so everything good.

and now that ive noticed i cant handle this anymore,
i asked for a break.
next step to breaking up huh...
i dont count on it.
i just want to see
and i want you to know,
that you can lose me
i didnt know id feel as bad
does this mean i really like you?
is it over, or is it not?

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