August 19, 2009
he came bursting through the door
just to see me writing in my diary
"dear diary" i said
"take me away"
"take me from all the pain"
"but mostly take me away from him"
he snatched the diary and threw it on the floor
as he held me down while i try to break free
tears came in my eyes as he kissed me
as i thought this was not what i was meant to be
as he finally stopped, i went to the mirror
saw the bruises on my hands and face
saw the tears on my face
as i picked my dairy i thought i had to get away
go anywhere but here
i knew i had to runaway
the time has come
for me to leave my nest
just runaway and pray for the best
i don't speak my past not to anyone
but you will be the first to read about this one

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heaven said...
Sept. 24, 2009 at 12:27 pm
very good,but i think you shoould put more detail towards it,but other then that its very good!
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