Letting Go

August 12, 2009
By Anonymous

Today i woke up in my own bed
the first thing that popped into my head is what you said
"i am going to knock your teeth down your throat, i am going to make you bleed"
i want your words to stop haunting me, that's what i need
some-days i believe the things you say about me
but there are people in my life who make me see
see you for the drunk whore that you are
make me see how it's not ok that you go to the bar every night
i don't need or want that in my life
i want to cut myself from what you've down but i am learning to put down the knife
that's one of the many things i have learned from living with you
i have to move on and let the past go
my happiness is right here in my home
i'm here thanks to many
but i had to take some steps on my own
i lay my head on my pillow and hope i can let you go...

The author's comments:
sometimes parents treat kids with disrespect and abuse them mentally physically emotionally sexually either way it is wrong.

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