August 9, 2009
By Anonymous

That was the day,
The day I first saw him
And I thought,
He was just like the others
Nothing more than a
Selfish boy,
That didn’t know what it meant to love someone.
But still…
Something was telling me
To keep an eye on him
So that’s what I did

I didn’t know many people…
Actually I didn’t even know him
I kind of stood out from the rest
But that boy...
He just stood there
Not knowing what to do…
This made me wonder
More and more every second.

Time flied,
As quick at a fierce hawk in the sky.
Once I took a good look…
Into his mysterious gorgeous eyes..
It was now clear to me,
That there was something…
Something so different,
Something so right,
Something I really liked about him.
But I just didn’t know what it was.

But now,
I was afraid,
Afraid of everything I had to say.
Because at a time like this,
My heart is just a guy’s pray,
And in the end…
My heart is always broken.
And I’m left with pieces of my heart,
Still in search for the pieces that were taken.

That’s when I noticed that I’ve been spending my days,
Walking around with a smile so fake,
You could notice it with your eyes closed.
And my nights I spend crying my eyes out,
Until they start to bleed.
Everyone knew
What I was going through.
Except for him,
He had no idea the pain he caused,
But he needed to know,
And needed to know quickly…
Before it was to late…

We talked all day,
And talked all night.
And I would always try,
To find a perfect time,
To mention a detail,
So small…
Yet so big…
That could change everything forever.
But I was just afraid of ending up in pieces.
I didn’t care what anyone else said
Because I knew they were wrong.
I didn’t even trust myself.
So how can I trust anyone?
If I can’t even trust myself?
But eventually,
I didn’t even matter anyone,
I just couldn’t even take it.
There was nothing left for me to do…
Absolutely nothing.
If he didn’t know,
Then I didn’t care,
And I was ready to move on
Not just from him…
But move on from everything.

I stood in my room
While the tears in my eyes turned to blood
And it was almost like…
The knife lying on my wooden desk…
Was calling for me.
I stared at the messages
That friends sent me on my computer screen.
Looking at message after message
I just sat there in cried.
And all the messages were saying
“Please, don’t do this…we need you”
But all I did was ignored them.
And without moving …
Or even breathing …
I grabbed the knife on my desk
And just as I was about to plunge the knife into my soft flesh…
I got one more message from that boy…
I dropped the knife in shock.
Through all the tears,
I managed to smile
And I replied to the message
And I said…
“I love you too”

This isn’t a dream,
This isn’t a fairy tail,
This is a story of a girl,
Who fell in love,
And doesn’t know how to fall out.

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Black Heart said...
on Sep. 24 2009 at 10:50 am
wow. it's like you're describing my life.

Sadandstrangebeauty22 said it all.

on Sep. 23 2009 at 12:23 pm
Sadandstrangebeauty22 DIAMOND, Columbia, Pennsylvania
58 articles 1 photo 8 comments

Favorite Quote:
"I hope that when I die, I can breathe a sigh of relief, because I will have soo much to look forward to." ~ Donnie Darko

Thank you for saying what i have wanted to all along.

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