Unwelcome Epiphany

September 16, 2009
I stepped into the cool tank
Step after cautious step
slowly immerged in the nerve biting symbol.
My mother, my dear sister, and a local man.
I followed the line. I heard the cheers.
He asked, I said yes.
She dropped me in hope, submerged in the light of the world,
the answerm the spirit of love.
The sensation filled me in a flash, a new life, a cleansing,
The most immesnse oppurtunity to fully experience life,
and anything beyond. A blur of clarity.
I ascended in shock. It was at that moment I knew.

I was acting.

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Chelsea M. said...
Sept. 22, 2009 at 4:54 pm
Very enjoyable. It sounds like you have experiance with that type of acting. Lol. You might not, but it's very nice! :D
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