Little Plastic Boxes; Little Plastic Lies

September 15, 2009
Look at these people in their little, plastic boxes.
Their minds are fading away while they stare at their TVs;
Never to know the feelings of freedom in the pathless woods.

Look at their sick, little minds judging and examining someone at the blink of an eye,
Never to know the feeling of true friendship, true happiness.

Look at the people walking down the runway;
Listen to the sounds of their gagging bouncing off the empty bathroom walls,
Never to know the honesty in a drug-free life.

Look at the rich, arrogant people mocking the helpless who live off the streets.
They're punching and kicking until they're satisfied;
Never to know their struggle to stay alive every day.

Look at the people laughing and enjoying the crying animals squirming to their death,
Taking much joy in their pain and fright;
Never to know that animals do feel pain and emotion.

Look at the people who are selfish and overbearing.
They laugh at other's cultures and how they live;
Never to understand the world, never to travel.

Look at the people in their little, plastic boxes.
They stay seated on their little, plastic couches.
They remain totally oblivious to the little world.
Watch them feasting off their little, plastic lies.

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