I'll Protect You

September 14, 2009
By Marco Jimenez GOLD, Barstow, California
Marco Jimenez GOLD, Barstow, California
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ill fight for you i swear
ill protect every stand of hair

ill bleed and give you my blood
ill die so you can live life the way you should

ill rest your head on my arm
ill defend you from any kind of harm

ill let you sigh
ill let you cry
ill tell you the truth to every lie

its okay
im here
ill do anything
just dont shed another tear

when it comes to take me away
i want you to run
ill lead it astray
and dont worry
ill come back for you somehow

just go!
you'll be safe
trust me i know

don't be afraid
i'll catch you if you fall
dont falter now
ill let nothing touch you
nothing at all

i already told you you'll be safe
so just go
but as for me
i really dont know

i promised him
i'd bring you back safe
don't you see
my love for you doesn't matter anyway
yours is the only life that matters now
your getting out of here
it doesn't matter how
im gonna die here
but my love for you wont
my love will protect you
dont push it away, please dont

your gonna make it out today
and im gonna stay and die
i wouldn't have it any other way
because any other way you'd cry

The author's comments:
this is an example of my love dedication and how much i would sacrifice for love

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