I'll Never Leave You

September 14, 2009
By Marco Jimenez GOLD, Barstow, California
Marco Jimenez GOLD, Barstow, California
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my eyes cry a million tears
my heart feels many fears
my mind feels so alone
my life feels like there's nothing left
but im still going
im far from dead
no feelings left to feel
few experiences left to have

i can only think of one more thing
one that isnt so bad
you are my final experience left to be had
you make me happy
you make me sad
you make me feel everything
good and bad

you make me love you!
and its so sad
because you have no idea
and some would walk away
and just say
thats too bad

but ill stay here with you
ill pay my debt to you
and this i will never do
ill never leave you

because nothing can separate me from you
ive got one last thing to do
and that is to fufill my love to you

let the rain drip down your face
let the tears drain all of your fears
let the darkness fall to the floor
and i will make sure that nothing will hurt you anymore

let the wind brush through your hair
let me show you i will always be there
tell me what i must do
to forever be with you

if your friends leave you
and if mine do to
that doesn't mean we cant be true
beyond the end of time

your family might disapprove
and mine might too
this is gonna be difficult for me and you

but ill stay here with you
ill pay my debt to you
and this i will never do
ill never leave you

and on the foggiest days
ill make the skies look blue
and on the darkest nights
ill show you the sunlight

with one wing black
and one wing white
we will live between the dark
and the light

we will live our life
with strength and might
and be in our love
with passion and flight

The author's comments:
if someone is truly in love then the obstacles that love involves shouldnt be able to hold a person back

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