September 14, 2009
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you've been stabbed in the back
you've been pierced through the heart
you've always been under attack
you've never had a good start

you've been tossed to the floor
you've beaten on the ground
you've been hurt at your core
you've hurt all around

you've experienced the bad life
you've felt that hate
you've felt that rage
and you know what it can create

you've been insulted because of your height
you've been stereotyped because of your race
people have held you back all of your life
you've lost a lot of chances opportunities
your life has been through some terrible things
things that some people should never have to experience or see

there's only one thing left to do
and nothing left to say
so do it now
it will eventually happen anyway

like its everyone's business
like the world wants to know
like you've got nothing to hide
like you've got everything to show

just cry

cry out with passion
cry like the rain
just do it
cry out your pain

let the dreadful memories of your past
leave with your tears
and free your mind
of all your greatest struggles and fears

cry because you've got a family
a home
a bed

cry because your no longer homeless
no longer alone
no longer in a shed

cry because your strong
and able to put aside pain
able to conquer your fears
able to start over again

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Riverine14 said...
Sept. 21, 2009 at 8:24 pm
I like it. I don't like to cry because it makes me feel vulnerable and open - open to attack. Sometimes I think it's safer if you don't care at all.
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