A Toast to Poetry

September 14, 2009
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fate put a pen in my hand
and a paper in front of me
fate told me to pour my heart out
so i wrote poetry

fate gave me a tool to record the thoughts of time
and the visions i see
so i recorded it with rhythm and rhyme
and the passion within me

i reflect the light of the sun
from pen to paper
i spread the smell of flowers
to make it even greater

i write the sound in the water
i write the movement in the sky
i write the touch of grass
and the way the birds fly

i write effects and feelings
i write expressions of passion
i write what hope brings
i write my imagination

each word i write
brightens my heart alittle more
each phrase that takes shape
opens up another door

so i give a toast to poetry
my friend
my buddy
the one who sticks by me
the who always helps me

you always have an open hand
you always make me feel happy and free
you always help me stand
when standing isn't easy

let us now raise our drinks together
and dedicte this moment
to poetry
may it live through our hearts
for all of eternity

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