my life is like a sidewalk, how wonderful.

September 14, 2009
i sit on the side of peoples lives
waiting for a little attention
but i am never invited in
i stay plastered to the curb
and little kids draw all over me with random neon colors
i've been spit on through the fields of athletic junkies
that scamper all over me
they forever scream their ignorant jokes about the world
as i listen to their insane laughs
i know i have the best position
,but sometimes i get a few scratches
the dents and marks stay with me forever
my personal slate has been shaded in black ink
the unforgiving ones have damaged me through the absurd stomps and yells
but i've been given the opportunity to witness families together
as one day they may never all be together
i've witnessed the "first love" fiasco beyond the grass hedges
and i have been tainted with the memories
but one day, i must be discarded
and somebody new can fill my spot
but for now, i guess i am lucky to be a sidewalk
for am i always there to provide you a sturdy foundation

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