Water Balloon

September 14, 2009
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Water Balloon

Out of the Faucet it comes, The essence of life into the next mindless carrier.

The outer shell that just holds everything in until the end

Many different colors and shapes but always the same, A lifeless Balloon.

From when the last drop of water enters; happy hopes, ideas, and expectations arise.

But with only one thing for sure, that it will explode.

The final moment arises its time to do what it was knows it was made to do, Explode.

Hitting causes a quick sense of joy and pride.

Missing bring shame and embarrassment.

But either one brings the same after effect once its gone.

Its forgotten.

Its accomplishments or failures meant nothing to the world it was just a toy.

Nothing mattered color, shape, hitting, missing its gone without a second thought.

Until the essence of life enters the next mindless carrier and it all repeats.

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