The Search

September 14, 2009
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The Search

In search for a mentor,I ran into a wise willow tree, I I heard her tell me I was beyond my years and reminded me to face my fears.

When I was out to find forgiveness, I dove into a river, it came with a shiver, and I didn’t really quiver, instead I felt it it deliver happiness and no regret, and suddenly I didn’t feel quite as upset.

Soon after I found some listening ears, I had a friend to wipe my tears.

Watching myself run away, I was asked to come again another day, not by a frog, not by a log, but by a humble warthog.

I ran away and tripped on a log, now, I could only jog, I was attacked by a slimy frog, who called out “NEVER RUN FROM A WARTHOG.”

I learned a lot that day, and I know now never to disobey, and to always watch before I trip on a log, and listen to that darn warthog.

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