what is love and hate?

September 14, 2009
By lenalee BRONZE, Adel, Iowa
lenalee BRONZE, Adel, Iowa
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Favorite Quote:
I promise, someday when you are alone, you will think of me and say, that girl really DID love me.

i hate preps and i love punks
i love techno and i love rock
i live my life like i dont have time for school.
when it comes to fun i know how to live.
when it comes to gifts i dont know what to give.
im not an average girl, but i can rock your world.
i wont sit by and let you cry
i will hug you and help you get by.
i have a complicated life, and its mostly getting through lies
and when i want to cry i play nevershoutnever and smile
i will dance in the rain
and sneak onto trains
to get far away.
but when you need me il be there
i do try to love, but in the end i tend to hate
your my sun, my star my oxygen.
i hate how your heart is on and off again.
i will never be your average girl
but i will always be *that rocker girl*

The author's comments:
it describes me a little and how i feel when im in love, and the guy breaks up with me.

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