How afraid are you?

September 14, 2009
By areyouafraid BRONZE, Smithfield, North Carolina
areyouafraid BRONZE, Smithfield, North Carolina
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You don't understand what hell is like.
Till you see it through my eyes.
A life you keep wishing was just a nightmare.
But is always reality.
You begin to wonder if there really is a god.
Cause no matter how har you pray.
And hope all of it would end.
It never does.
You can feel it.
Your afraid to open your eyes.
Because the day is coming.
It never gets any easier.
Just harder.
Scared to even get out of bed.
For hell is going to break.
And you'll be suffering the causes.
You tighten your muscles.
Your heart.
Cause here it comes.
The night, you'll never forget.
Now are you scared?

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