Happy Daggers

September 13, 2009
dreams and anguish bring us together

you are the happy dagger that hacks and stabs at my demons

that beloved poison that makes my nightmares into pleasant dreams of the future

dreams are what we share


often times it seems those dreams bring an edge to that happy dagger

an edge that strays from the demons and into my hand

a foul mixture in the poison that warps a smile before my dreams into homicidal malevolence

and by no hands but ours

we breed our own malcontent

and cover it up with layers of promises and loose ends

but do not fret

things like these are made sweeter by those layers

things like these are made better with hope

it is true these things are not written in stone

its not because its not to happen

we just know stone is too inflexible to possibly fit our ever expanding dreams

paper is where we place our plans

hope is what fuels our furious scrawling

dreams and anguish may bring us together

and happy knives and sleep easing potions may run rampant

but hope and the little things keep us where we are


and struggling forward

chasing our horizons

and knowing there is more to come

all that stands between us is time

and you know i dont mind the wait...

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