Words and Broken Glass

September 13, 2009
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There once was a girl
Who gave this boy her heart
He didn’t know what to do with it
And so it fell apart

Even then she loved him still
He could never let her down
All she ever wanted
Was to keep the boy around

He left her one day
She didn’t know what to do
She was so confused
And thought he’d loved her too

Every night she cries
Dreams of what could have been
He’s even there when she wakes
The only thing she can think of is him

She tells herself it’ll be ok
She tells herself she’s fine
As long as he’s happy
Everything will be alright

Wonders what he thinks of
Does he miss her at all?
But if he really did
Then why does he never call?

Is it something else?
Did she do something wrong?
Or did he just really
Never love her all along?

Still she kept her hope up
Wishing she could see him
Hoping it could not be true
Her love would never dim

If she couldn’t have him
She’d rather be alone
She wanted no one else
And so she’s on her own

Maybe one day it’ll be ok
Maybe he’ll come around
Maybe he’ll find her body
Face down on the ground

Will he make it back on time
Or will he be too late
Only time will tell and still
She cant escape her fate.

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