Rebel Child

September 13, 2009
By Brooke Morgan BRONZE, Kinderhook, New York
Brooke Morgan BRONZE, Kinderhook, New York
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I want out
Of my home
To be away
From my parents
I understand the hardship of life
And know I'm too young to leave
I'm put in situations
That I don't need or want to know
Spending my life searching a way Out
Not being able to wait to be on my Own
Out of their reach
Their control
They stop me from seeing him and More
They try to understand but just Don't get me
They say I'm so alike, I'm Completly different
Knowing only half of me doesn't Count
Seeing me as their little girl who
Respects, Obeys, and Agrees
But I'm nothing like that
I've seen the worse of them and Learned not to believe
Their security cannot protect me
I look from under his wing and Hide from their disappointment
It's sad but now I'm safe
From their
To them he's just a boy
Who will take me out of their
Who will save my ears from their
He's my friend
My love
My promise
And my secret
Daring to sneak off with him
Going against their
Nothing's going to happen
Except for his arms around me
And understandment
Between us that no one wants to
I am that child
I am the one who dreams of escape
I am the one patiently waiting for My chance
To get out
To be free
To see him
I am that rebel child

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