A Summer's Night Dream.

September 13, 2009
I walk this single path alone
Don’t want to stop, but nowhere to go
My thoughts to question
Feelings unknown
But it’s quiet
And I like it.

A warm breeze blowing
Tickles my mind
Changing my ideas of beauty
And summer’s night
But it’s calm
And I like it.

My footsteps echo
Even and long winded
They feel like talking,
Walking, dreaming
Of someone else’s next to mine
But it’s hopeful
And I like it.

The sky is black
An endless burnt plain
Reminds me of yesterday
Everyday like the next
Longing for the past
Bad and good
But it’s honest
And I like it.

I wish for a young hand in mine
Fingers intertwine
Soft lips hug my own
Two hearts that match
But only a distant fantasy
But it’s love
And I like it.

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