September 6, 2009
People laugh,
People cry,
People smile,
People lie.

Tears will fall,
And sometimes so will you,
Theres a lot of stupid hurtful things,
A lot of people will do.

Sometimes youll smile just when your with him,
Because youve never felt this way,
So many words going through your head,
But you dont know what to say.

Just hearing your voice,
Makes you feel like flying,
You ask yourself if this could be love,
Or if your heart is lying.

So scared to lose him,
But hes slowly fading away,
You see him all the time,
But what should you do or say?

He says you need to talk,
You can see it in his eyes,
You never felt so empty,
Something you cant describe.

You wonder what you did wrong,
If anything will ever be the same,
He meant so much to you,
But maybe to him it was just a game.

You cry,
You let it all out,
You pick yourself up and say im going to be okay,
And throw away all the doubts.

Life has its ups and downs,
Sometimes it gets you as a surprise,
But with every smile comes a frown.

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bubblylittledancer said...
Sept. 20, 2009 at 9:44 am
this is beautiful, the rhymes make it even better! keep writing, you're good at it:]
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