Oh So Gone

September 6, 2009
Your immature,
You say stuff you dont mean,
Im a great girl,
Something you say that you can see.

You like to break the rules,
I like to take a chance,
You like to stand,
I like to dance.

Thought i loved you,
Now i see who you really are,
Even when we were together,
We didnt go far.

Im just done,
Oh so gone,
Why didnt i let go earlier?
Why'd i take so long?

Never gonna see my scars,
You just dont deserve it,
Im not even breaking,
Because your not even worth it.

Im not going back,
Theres just no way,
You always have to criticize,
You always got something to say.

Wasted my time,
You crossed the line,
You say you know love,
But thats a word that you cant define.

Your mixed up,
You got me confused with something you have,
Im oh so gone,
And im not even sad.

So dont say sorry,
Cause i dont even care,
You turned into someone else,
And its not fair.

Im not breaking,
Im too busy feeling sorry for you,
Confused and stupid,
Your someone im ashamed to say i KNEW.

You might think im the one that changed,
But thats okay,
Because i opened my eyes,
And i cant believe it took 93 days.

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Breezy981 said...
Nov. 10, 2009 at 10:51 am
WOW that was amazing! i loved it and it reminded me of someone certain..but keep writing this totaly inspired me lol
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