I wasn't allowed to. . .

September 6, 2009
By ElliottW SILVER, Waikoloa, Hawaii
ElliottW SILVER, Waikoloa, Hawaii
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I wasn't allowed to stop them when they took the Jews away.

I wasn't allowed to help after the planes flew over a fiery Baghdad.

I wasn't allowed to cry when the shot the Indians and wounded me.

I wasn't allowed to plead when they shackled the Africans to the floor the ship.

I wasn't allowed to beg when the Serbians and the Bosnians fought and died while the world looked on helplessly.

I won't be allowed to protest when American cities are patrolled by American soldiers.

And when they come to my door telling me I have to leave my house and go to jail and I have to stand in front of the firing squad so they can shoot me until I'm dead, I'll smile and tell them

I'm not allowed to

The author's comments:
15-minute Creative Writing prompt. Who knows when we'll learn that "I'm not allowed to" is never enough?

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