The Dark

September 5, 2009
By Anonymous

The world was red though your eyes were closed,
The pain you felt a threat now posed.
For it enveloped your conscious mind,
No safety could your searching find.
Weakness coursed through you, endangering your life,
Fear than cut into you with the likeness of a knife.
Grief stood above you, death’s scythe in his hand,
Time slipped through your fingers in a mimic of sand.
All other feelings left you, as shock made himself known,
Than slowly began your body to own.
And as your last hope left, your death being made,
Your own living thoughts began to fade.
Than you gave up, surrendering your heart,
And your final breaths, painfully, began you to part.
And your corpse would lie evermore in that room,
But still, unseen, as it’s darkness was doom.

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