For him.

September 5, 2009
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My weaknesses into strengths
My suicides into dreams
My life, my love
All upside down
For a boy who lives away
No physical contact
No immediate gratification
Nothing but the words,
His words, spoken to me
Through broken phone calls
And texts sent back and forth
A long-distant love
Different than others
Branched from writing
And secret notes
Late night calls
And inside jokes
Hidden meanings
And inside feelings
Scared of being lost
Being thrown away
Not being enough
Just giving up
One thing can be right
But away in haste
And quickened judgments
Non-meant words
Full of spite
Of hatred and anger
Pointy words that aim to kill
That always strike the heart
Ups and downs
Left to right
Pronouns, nouns, and verbs
Brought together
Just to make
The perfect set
Of words

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Supernova;) said...
Apr. 5, 2010 at 8:51 pm
Loved it! you're a great writer:)
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