Broken Thoughts Two

September 5, 2009
Clouds are dark, death in the sky
Gray-gray-graying up the world below
Sun is gone, hide-hide-hiding from us
Peaking out at our mistakes
As we turn-turn-turn to you, we are
Say-say-saying “You can only keep what the clouds are hiding till we reach you someday.”
Our toes are tap-tap-taping to this worn out beat
Following the flow-flow-flow, ready to go-go-go
Your big brown eyes are so ready to open
But my fade-fade-fading eyes don’t want to close
Just yet, wait-wait-waiting for something,
‘Cause Saturday just won’t come to me
Time won’t speed to let me free
In our hearts just keep beat-beat-beating
Our lies, our eyes, our thick New York thighs
Just keep twitch-twitch-twitching
Impatient, premature, but willing
Our wings are flapping
Our minds are snapping
Our souls are cracking
And this beat keeps us tapping
Our lips are dry, splitting, bleeding
Thirst instilled, inside our desert tongues
The oven heats up
Almost completely risen
No longer sticky messes
No longer unfit mistakes
Wind us up and let us go-go-go
We’re so red-red-ready
We’re just screaming inside
Let our feet lift off the ground
Let our minds beat to time and sound
Let our wings open up, so stiff and broken
Let our eyes never shut, now completely

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